I want to give you a picture of the amnesiac MKULTRA survivors who are alive today:

They know something is very wrong but have never been able solve the mystery.
They feel inexplicably oppressed, targeted, watched or followed.
They are unable to explain strange mystical visions and dreams.
They experience of odd levels of incredible serendipity that seems to bring things together but ultimately leads to more endless searching and no rest.
They have amazing stories of almost supernaturally crafted events.
For decades they remain caught in exhausting cycles of over-responsibility or over-drivenness towards a goal they feel they must reach.
They are very confident about what they will achieve or have a “knowing” of their future.
They feel they have an important life calling they must live out.
They feel drawn to certain areas or certain relationships suddenly at certain times.
They have been called chosen or special.
They experience perpetual visitation by different types of predatory people.
They are not very comfortable with doctors, psychologists or dentists.
They have a distaste for reading the scriptures and or hearing the Name of Jesus Christ.

If some of these apply to you, there are some things that you should know!

Highly sensitive people are the most prone to dissociation and hypnotic suggestion. That is why this grouping has been targeted for experimentation and research by methodologies adopted by the Nazi era. Many of these methods produce dissociated alter personalities that after a “spiritual awakening” become authors & teachers, or leaders of movements that bring more and more people away from the saving truth of Jesus Christ. This is an intended way to secure the world’s participation in and acceptance of the coming new world order and one world religion.

Today is a time of widespread acceptance of occult “powers” that have various occult roots. These powers come from demonic spirits that came into the child by inheritance from the parents and deeper ancestral bloodline, some come from direct interest by the child in occult practices, and some powers come from direct, more formal and systematic exposure to demons through childhood ritual abuse, experimental psychology and covert mind control tactics.

The historic use of such tactics go back to the Egyptian book of the dead, were clearly developed over time, and today are employed to children of certain bloodlines. The process typically begins before the child’s birth by creating intentional trauma and breaking the parent-child bond by circumstances, medical issues or precautions made by doctors. The sensitive child is around age 1-2 initiated into the occult by chanting, water baptism, or other darker rituals in churches, covens or other ritual circles. Sometimes the child is given a mark on the forehead or other part of the body that appears as a scar.

Over the child’s early years, the child’s ownership by the kingdom of darkness is systematically reinforced through the combination of educational games and abuses in preschools. As the child is completely broken of identity and fragmented, then begins the creation of the new identity in the child. Various “values” are set in through the emotions of shame, fear, terror & pride and conditioning is done by education and suggestion.

There are repeated messages of their being chosen and their specialness, but at the same time there is neglect and or abuse and an unsafe surrounding at home or with caregivers. At school age comes the development of the child’s “brightness.” A heavy burden of responsibility (said to be established by a punishing god) is laid on the child as to how they must help mankind. The children are given practical experience in leadership in as young as first grade, and encouraged in the expression of creative talents within gifted programs.

These widely documented covert programs of the past 100 years have not only resulted in mass enslavement of sensitive people to false occult spirits and false doctrines, but have enlisted many sensitives to become vocal advocates for beliefs, programs, systems, and technology that will bring in the antichrist beast system of the new world order.

It took 44 years, intensive trauma counseling and prayer to the Living God of the bible for me to even begin to remember the ways in which my God given identity was systematically hijacked for someone else’s purposes through the systematic programming mentioned above. Ever since, I have poured my life into uncovering the covert occult tactics of these people who have no conscience about playing god. What I found most chilling in my research as the interest in highly sensitive people by the CIA (through a search of their online published records — search the term sensitive or sensitives.)


By the evidence I have compiled, (that is in no way exhaustive), I can confidently show and prove that not only was I the victim of ritual abuse, unauthorized clinical hypnosis and trauma based amnesia, but it appears that thousands if not millions of highly sensitive children and adults worldwide have been unwitting victims and have yet to remember!

While some of the MKULTRA atrocities have been documented, we will never know the full extent to this savage behavior. Nor will we ever know everyone who has been affected. But the symptoms are there to hint to us. And the comfort in that is the truth can set us free. We can run to the saving arms of Jesus Christ who came to earth to set us free from all captivity by the devil. He is returning and the devil and his false occult powers will be cast down.

In the meantime, the Living God gives us the power, by salvation, to renew our minds by the Word of God, break psychological programming, and expel demons by the Name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit. There is no greater power than Jesus Christ and we are all able to have victory of our enemies today!

This saving power of Jesus Christ is well known by occultists, which is why most if not all MKULTRA victims are programmed to have an extreme distaste for the bible, an unmoving belief in ecumenicism, and or a holier than thou sense that one is too intelligent or too spiritually enlightened for the idea of sin and salvation.

I am knowledgeable about the false paths and Lucifer/Satan’s traps that are set for sensitive people today, and this system of programming masses of sensitive people is the most hidden and therefore the most criminal. God says “vengeance is mine, I will repay.” And God cannot lie. Therefore we can trust in His justice and just go on toward healing and restoration, which is a miraculous victory in itself.

If you suspect you might be a victim of this type of abuse, do not ignore it. Get help and healing today.

In the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless you!

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