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Distance Christian Counseling on Skype for the Highly Sensitive Person

Dear sensitive friend, if you need counseling from the comfort of your own home, I’m available to walk you through your difficult time with compassion and biblical guidance until you feel restored in Christ. As you search to find the right Christian counselor, you should expect to see the Holy Spirit working in the counselor. A Spirit-filled counselor will bring scriptural teaching, words of knowledge, discernment of false spirits, intercessory healing, prayer, prophetic words of encouragement & exhortation in the faith to your exchanges. Please listen to the short audio below for what I provide for you.

Highly Sensitive ChristianABOUT ME     As a highly sensitive person, INFJ personality I’m a natural counselor. I’m also professionally experienced and trained as a spiritual counselor, peer-to-peer criminal justice mediator, coach, consultant and life skills trainer. Since 2007, I’ve counseled over 1,000 burden bearing sensitives internationally on Skype. Below is a little more about what I can offer you.

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FAITH IN THE BIBLE’S WARNINGS & PROMISES     The bible tells us that the enemy lucifer/satan seeks to use us to his own rebellious agenda and if he can’t he wants to steal our anointing, destroy our faith & even take our life. We’re reminded by the scriptures however that the Living God is the King of Kings and His Holy Spirit Power is above all. The Way, the Truth and the Life that is Jesus Christ is the reason we can overcome the enemy. It is by and through the risen Christ only that I can help other sensitives/empaths in their process of recovery and restoration.

FAITH THAT YOU CAN OVERCOME ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS     Because God’s promises are true, all sensitives can fully recover from any challenges, even the most daunting. Many people find it hard to speak out loud about incredibly painful issues like tormenting guilt; doubt about your salvation; past sexual abuse; divorce or separation; betrayal or abuse by church leadership; PTSD, seeing or feeling balls of light or dark spirits; physical health issues; addictions; nightmares; witchcraft attacks; painful soul ties; toxic shame; suicidal thoughts, family patterns of narcissism & personality disorders; being a targeted individual; sensory sensitivity to EMF’s; or cyclical events that seem like curses; etc. Some of the things sensitive people deal with are just too much for the church or even some in helping professions. But I understand and can help. There’s nothing I haven’t heard and little I haven’t seen.

EXPERIENCE WITH THE CONVERSION PROCESS FROM DECEPTIVE PATHS      Because I’ve safely come out of several deceptive spiritual paths, I know how to gently lead sensitives who are converting to Christianity through a process of repentance; renouncing false spirits, false teachers & false gospels; learning to read the bible, learning to confidently pray; and beginning the process of Christian deliverance.

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Born Oppressed But Victorious in Christ Jesus!

CELEBRATION OF YOUR DESIRE FOR SERVICE & HELPING      I enjoy helping sensitives find ways to prosper God’s Kingdom through balanced and meaningful work. Some highlights of my past service career include three service terms with AmeriCorps in six cities across the U.S, oversight of 20 girls and boys at a boarding school for teens with addictions; Director of special programs for the Boys and Girls Club in Canada, as well as pioneering innovative local & national programs in the fields of recycling, erosion control, urban gardening, teen justice, environmental education, animal abuse prevention, character education, youth violence prevention & peer to peer mediation – programs that still endure to this day.

FIRM IN THE AUTHORITY ALL BRETHREN HAVE IN CHRIST OVER POWERS, PRINCIPALITIES, SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS & RULERS OF DARKNESS      It’s because Christ took my burden and gave me the power to be delivered, that I glorify His Name. It’s an honor to direct God’s sensitive people toward yoking themselves to Jesus whose yoke is easy. It’s a pleasure seeing fellow sensitives becoming delivered from the enemy, and claiming your rightful anointing in service to the Kingdom of God.

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Skype Counseling for Highly Sensitive Person

I can Skype you anywhere in the world, provided your session is scheduled for a time of day that correlates with my office hours — M-Th 8-6pm, Fri 8-5 pm in the Eastern (New York) Time Zone. I’ll call you on Skype by audio at the time of our scheduled appointment. We’ll talk just as you would in a counselor’s office (but from the comfort of your own home). At the beginning of our session I’ll pray with you, then ask you to share whatever you’d like help with. I will end our session with prayer over you.

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God bless you and I look forward to connecting!

Your Sister in Christ in North Carolina, USA – Jennifer

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