Christian Counseling For The More Sensitive Person

International Online or Telephone Counseling to Meet Your Unique Needs

Dear deep thinking friend, if you need counseling from the comfort of your own home from someone who has walked in your shoes, I’m available. I promise to walk you towards your goals with compassion and biblical guidance until you feel restored in Christ. Many sensitives report not being able to share the things they go through with anyone, even counselors, because they won’t understand. But I do. I’ve lived my life as a highly sensitive person. Through Christ I have been able to overcome the spiritual forces working against my destiny to minister to people and help them get free. Like most sensitives, I’ve overcome a lot and the Lord has refined and humbled me through the process. The audio below describes what to expect in a session with me.

The counsel I offer is under the saving blood of Jesus and by the scriptures. The sessions include a combination of whatever I sense the Lord saying is needed in the session. Usually a combination of counsel, prayer, deliverance and tracking back the root of a hurt to let a memory surface so it can be healed. Though I do rely on my past knowledge of secular counseling principles, the direction of the sessions are led by the Holy Spirit. The structure is that I pray us into the session, then we go with the issue at hand, then I end in prayer over you. I take many notes as you talk so I can refer back to anything you say that the Holy Spirit wants us to go deeper into and investigate further. Sometimes I share my experiences with healing past challenges if the Spirit leads me to encourage you in that way.

Some people work with me weekly over a couple of years. Some less often. I have seen tremendous progress in those I work with. You can expect to have a much more positive inner thought life. My strongest spiritual gifts are words of wisdom & knowledge, discernment of false spirits, intercessory healing, prayer, and prophetic words of encouragement & exhortation.



Are You Interested in Working With Me?

I’m able to work with anyone who can say yes to these two questions:

  • Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior (or do you feel increasingly drawn towards Him)?
  • Have you written to me about working together? If not, please write to me with your interest through the contact page.

“How Soon Can We Meet?”

You won’t have to wait for your appointment. There are usually openings the same week. You can schedule your appointment from anywhere in the world, provided your session is scheduled for a time of day that correlates with my office hours — M-Th 8-6pm, Fri 8-5 pm in the Eastern (New York) Time Zone. Once you have registered below, search Profound Healing for Sensitives on Skype and add me or send me your phone number. I’ll call you at the time of our scheduled appointment.

How To Book Your Session

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God bless you and I look forward to connecting!

Your Sister in Christ in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA – Jennifer

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