Ala-Carte Home Studies for Sensitives and Empaths

Meeting Your Deeper Needs for Biblical Revelation

High sensitives yearn for answers to the deepest of life’s questions. But in this information age we’re only getting more misguided. This ala-carte education series was designed specifically for sensitives like you — men and women who feel strongly drawn to love and to serve Jesus Christ. Too many sensitives continue to feel spiritually stuck, struggle with lingering burdens, or are otherwise starving for deeper revelation from a biblical perspective.

Each recording below is uniquely made to speak to the deeper questions and needs that sensitives have by looking into the scriptures. The purpose of these recordings is for you to become delivered from all bondages, becoming free to glorify Jesus Christ here on earth. I will be building this series over time based on requests and what God puts on my heart.

Let’s study together on some topics like generational iniquity, biblical warnings about satan’s devices and biblical tools towards achieving freedom in Christ. These are things that you will not hear in most churches! But they are vital to understand.

Your download purchase help fund this ministry. If you are financially unable to purchase them and you would like them for free, write to me at [email protected] so I can get you access to them.

May you receive freedom from every burden and find rest in Jesus Christ, Son of God.

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