Real Life Transformation for the Highly Sensitive Christian

Empath Christian Help

Let’s study together on bible topics that bring you real life transformation in Christ. You will not hear such deep topics covered in most churches! But they are vital for the highly sensitive Christian to understand.

May these studies bless and encourage you as you listen to them.


  1. Miracle Prayer for Heavily Burdened Sensitive Empaths (19:30 m) 
  2. Deep Reaching Prayer to Break Wrong Affections and Soul Ties (30:07 m)
  3. Reaching What God Wrote for You by Giving God Living Sacrifices (25:27 m)
  4. Prayer for a Sound Mind – Mental Freedom (4:48 m)
  5. Home Altars For Deeper Spiritual Victory (13:42 m)
  6. Breaking Through Hidden Shame as a Spiritually Strong Person (20:38)
  7. Experiencing More “Life” as a Christian (17:02)
  8. Deliverance from Feminism & the Sexual Spirits of Lilith, Hubris, Genie and Incest (15:49 m)
  9. New Testament Names of Jesus set to music (5 m)

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