Prophetic Deliverance Counseling for the Christian Overcomer

Welcome! This prophetic counseling and dream interpretation service stands on God’s Word. Jennifer has been trained in counseling and anointed for apostleship, teaching, discipleship and exhortation. This online ministry was birthed in 2017 to help highly sensitive Christians understand the benefits and responsibilities of New Covenant they now belong to. Beneficiaries of this counseling ministry report having the breakthroughs they’ve been searching for, solving mysteries about their childhood, deepening their identity as a Kingdom heir, and having a new strength for living out what God originally wrote for them. The intent of prophetic deliverance counseling is to help you become free to live as God designed you to.

The audio below describes what to expect in a session. The testimonials to the right describe some outcomes you may look forward to.


By the grace and mercy of God, Jennifer was delivered from numerous spiritual strongholds like self-reliance, pride, rebellion against God, and development of occult abilities. All unbiblical spiritual abilities have been renounced, repented for and and cast out through a process of deliverance and renewing of the mind by the scriptures. God has now restored the biblical gifts He planned for Jennifer to use to carry forth this work in helping others. He will most assuredly do the same for you!


Jennifer is a former life skills counselor and certified criminal justice restitution mediator with 10+ years experience counseling sensitive adults online and 20+ years experience in helping professions across North America. She studied the Faith Therapy Christian counselor training modules and was mentored for this work by a local biblical counseling ministry. Her fear of God, and the godly fruit that she can demonstrate in the areas of setting captives free are additional qualifications. The Most High God gave her an added burden-gift of largeness of heart which people find nurturing [1 Kings 4:29]. Her love for God, Truth and for the inerrant 66 books of the living Word only grows each day.


All calls begin with prayer. You will be invited to share any issue at hand (or Jennifer can pray with you for it to be revealed). Each session will be ended with prayer over you. Notes are taken so Jennifer can refer back to anything you say that the Holy Spirit wants to go deeper into and investigate further. You will never be asked to fill out written forms, checklists, or medical history.


Counseling is grouped in blocks of 3 or 5 one-hour sessions. This is so the Christian is responsibly supported as old patterns, beliefs quickly unfold and new understandings quickly arise. It is recommended to come regularly on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to carefully assimilate the information and growth. Some folks with more urgent life circumstances come twice a week until the situation resolves.

Christian Counseling for Empaths

“Who Qualifies for This Type of Counseling?”

Anyone who can say yes to this question:

  • Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior (or do you feel increasingly drawn towards Him)?

“How Soon Can We Meet?”

We ask for at least seven days advance notice to guarantee your spot on the calendar.

“What Time Zone Are You In?”

You can use this time zone converter to determine if there is any difference between us. I live in Raleigh, NC/New York City time (EST). The counseling hours are — M-Th 8-6pm, Fri 8-5 pm in the Eastern (Raleigh/New York) Time Zone. Once you have registered by payment (click button below), you will receive email instructions for scheduling. Audio calls can be held on Skype or if you prefer a phone call to your cell number, Jennifer will phone you at the time of your scheduled appointment.

“Are These Video Calls or Phone Calls?

Each session is an audio call, but if you want to briefly say hello by video in order to formally meet, you can arrange for that.

How To Book Your Session

Simply click the secure purchase button below and choose your preferred option.

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See also Jennifer’s Ala Carte Downloadable Counseling and Prayer.

God bless you!

Jennifer, Owner
Profound Healing For Sensitives
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


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