Distance Christian Counseling on Skype for the Highly Sensitive Person

I will walk you through your difficult time with compassion and biblical guidance until you feel restored in Christ. You will see the Holy Spirit working during our counseling sessions to bring teaching, word of wisdom, helps, discernment of false spirits, intercessory healing, prayer, word of knowledge & faith.

Highly Sensitive EmpathI provide biblical counseling that addresses your unique challenges and prepares you for defending your faith against the crafty ways of the adversary. The long path I walked along the way to finding the True Jesus Christ helps me lend an understanding ear to my sensitive peers as they seek God.  The bible says that if our ancestors hated the Living God, that their sins would pass as curses to the third and fourth generation. Unfortunately, not knowing about the specific sins of our forefathers doesn’t stop the evil root from taking hold in our lives. Overall, today’s churches fail to inform or empower Christians on how to identify the effects of generational sin and through of the finished work of Jesus Christ, utilize the power and authority given by baptism in the Holy Spirit, to break curses, cast out the unclean spirits and close all open doors of iniquity through which the enemy enters. So that’s a big part of what I help sensitives understand — their power in Christ to identify and claim freedom from repeating cycles of evil operating within their bloodline so cycles of limitation end with this generation!

Highly Sensitive Person CounselingAs a born again Christ disciple with the Holy Spirit indwelling with an INFJ personality, I’m a natural counselor. I’m professionally experienced and trained as a spiritual counselor, mentor, coach and life skills trainer. Since 2007, I’ve counseled burden bearing sensitives internationally on Skype in the very delicate areas of childhood abuse, divorce and separation, church or cult leader abuse, spiritual crisis, soul ties, family patterns of narcissism & personality disorders, extreme sensory sensitivity, emotional healing and recovery from trauma. My former involvement with (and deliverance from) the false spiritual paths of buddhism, law of attraction, mysticism and esotericism (the new age) helps me better assist sensitives coming out of false spiritual paths in a way that lets them know I’m familiar with their experiences.

Sensitive ManPrior to working as a counselor, I served underprivileged populations as an AmeriCorps volunteer in six cities across the U.S. in cooperation over 15 schools, agencies and organizations. Upon completion of three national service terms, I was accepted to mentor 20 girls and boys at boarding school for teens with addictions in Utah, which later led me to direct programs for the Boys and Girls Club in Canada, as well as to establish innovative educational programs in the fields of Environmental Education, Humane Education, Character Education, Violence Prevention & Peer to Peer Mediation throughout North America – programs that still endure today.

Even for me, this extensive helping career history begs an important question. How does a sensitive burden bearer not get bogged down by all the need and suffering in the world and within one’s own soul? How does the heaviness of compassion lift? I personally wrestled with this question for much of my life, until the answer was revealed by JESUS! It’s because Jesus took my burden and gave me the power to be delivered from my enemies, that today I feel free and unburdened, healed and un-traumatized. This ministry is an enjoyment far beyond any of my prior “helping” work. I get to direct sensitives toward giving their burden to Jesus, becoming loose from the enemy, and claiming their rightful anointing.

The following is just a partial list of ways I’ve seen the lives of sensitives change by claiming their full redemption in Christ:

  • Encounter the True Living God whose inspired words never leave you tired, resigned or depressed
  • See the bible come alive as a story of God’s love for humanity, the history of Creation and the plan for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth
  • Experience daily gratitude for having been gifted life by your Creator
  • Newly appreciate the beauty of God’s creation & see how it reveals Him
  • Find true believers with whom you can worship and fellowship
  • Understand your worth from God’s eyes and walk through life without shame & unworthiness
  • Release abandonment with a sense of confidence in your adoption by God
  • Get biblical counsel on strengthening your marriage
  • Lean on Jesus & God’s Holy Spirit in times of separation or divorce
  • Let God’s word teach you how to make godly dating choices
  • Break ungodly soul ties
  • Discover life beyond the spirit of melancholy and perpetual emotional loss
  • Be reassured that activism exhaustion, over-giving, feeling unsupported, or having to save the world is not God’s plan for you
  • Learn ways to respond to others’ anger at God, the church or authority in general
  • Build spiritual strength as you remove the detrimental effects of past exposure to dark or light arts, like fortunetellers & false prophets
  • Break ties from past traumatic events, sins or spirits
  • Uproot and find freedom from ungodly mystical experiences, sudden spiritual awakening or other hypnotic, enticing or oppressive spiritual forces & experiences
  • Receive personal revelation from God through prayer on how to handle any difficult personalities in your life
  • Root out lifelong unexplained fears or phobias through spiritual warfare
  • Explore scripture’s teachings about healing in Christ to address any new or recurring health issues
  • Feel newly inclined toward healthy eating & steady, moderate fitness
  • As you walk in covenant with the True Living God, feel a lightness and aliveness as never before
  • Receive guidance from God through prayer about your career, work and/or what God has designed you to do
  • Share God’s desire for you to have healthy monogamous intimacy with a spouse
  • Let God’s goodness and grace teach you how let others love you
  • Use your authority in Jesus Christ to cast out spirits and break curses
  • Through revelation by the Holy Spirit understand the cause of any past sensory overload and sensitivity to devices, electricity, etc.
  • Learn how to bear burdens for others by giving them to God, so you’re not carrying the world on your shoulders
  • Find freedom from generational patterns that repeat in your family
  • Use prayer to God for help healing tough relationships & divisiveness in families
  • Lean on Jesus & God’s Holy Spirit as you go about bravely healing past traumatic experiences
  • Grow in your ability to honorably address hurts and fears with others
  • Through the spiritual warfare process, notice yourself experience better attention and focus
  • Break ungodly ties causing a reliance on children to meet adult emotional needs
  • Learn how to raise children who understand God’s love and the reasons for His laws
  • Find a growing desire to minister to & meet the needs of strangers in your community who are hurting
  • Have access to a new set of eyes with regard to idols or things leaned on for comfort
  • Begin to see through the things of this world that offer enticing alternatives to salvation through Jesus Christ
  • Find yourself communicating more diplomatically, with confidence, kindness, and a desire to share the gospel
  • By understanding God’s Word more deeply, notice life feeling significantly more satisfying and full
  • Feel courageous in your desire to speak out about Jesus, God’s Word and plan
  • Have peace that your search for Truth has finally ended

What’s a Session Like?

I can Skype you anywhere in the world, provided your session is scheduled for a time of day that correlates with my office hours — M-Th 8-6pm, Fri 8-5 pm in the Eastern (New York) Time Zone. I’ll call you on Skype by audio at the time of our scheduled appointment. We’ll talk for an hour, just as you would in a counselor’s office (but from the comfort of your own home). At the beginning of our session I’ll pray with you, then ask you to share whatever you’d like help with. Throughout the hour we can work together to understand how to apply God’s biblical plan to your life in relationship to your inquiry. I will end our session with prayer over you.

Booking Instructions:

Make Sure You Can Say Yes to the Following

  • Are you a born again Christian who has already accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
  • Have you written to me first about working together? If not, please write to me with your interest through the contact page.

If you said yes to the above checklist, please pre-pay for your session via the donation button at the bottom left corner of this page. The rate is $100 per hour.

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