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Your Acute Sensory Perception, Moral Courage, Creative Intelligence & Steadfast Heart Are Celebrated Here!

Sensitive souls are a type of soul that is more naturally able to sense the subtle sensory, emotional and even symbolic information being communicated by people, places and even objects all the time. There are many sensitive souls on the spectrum of souls but their presence may be more understated, silent and internal as a way of coping with the overload of subtle information that is received.

Because sensitive souls naturally perceive and process subtle information, they can more easily take on the emotions of others, living or dead, as their own burden. Due to the world not understanding their nature, sensitives feel misunderstood and therefore often fall into the trap of ignoring, burying or minimizing their pain, which creates more pain.

Additionally, sensitives struggle with wanting to assist in the healing of this broken world. Unfortunately this puts additional pressure on their energy levels and psychological well being.

What’s the solution?

It’s possible to feel strong and confident as a very sensitive, intuitive soul who perceives the subtle world more clearly than other souls. The path to becoming more confident requires coming to terms with past pain in a sincere way.

If we can stop denying or pushing away our childhood hurts and primal fears about living with so much sensitivity, profound healing can occur and that childlike happiness and enthusiasm can re-emerge, along with good health and aliveness.

This website is here to help guide you into your own suppressed hurts so that you no longer get misled or stuck in the popularized or spiritualized quick fix solutions to unhappiness that will never work for long.

I’ve created this site to help you recover the treasure you hold within, and I hope you stick around and stay open to new ways of thought.

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Listen For Free – Healing & Family
Many sensitives have experienced horrors in the childhood home including drug, alcohol and love/sex addiction, mental illness, physical or psychological abuse, sexual abuse, shame or ritual, emotional incest/emotional parasitism, domestic violence, sibling competition, neglect of basic needs, verbal abuse and other similar themes. Almost all sensitives are touched by at least one of these in some way. There are things to learn in order to heal and reverse learned coping mechanisms based on these types of experiences. Play the audio below to hear Jenna help you identify & heal common coping mechanisms resulting from a difficult childhood. Learn that it is ok to impart a self-honoring, disciplined approach to setting boundaries with your parents as adults. Plus, hear how healing your childhood wounding in self-love will draw in your soul family. (30 mins.)

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Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel linked here to view Jenna’s latest educational videos. These videos provide tips on the most permanent healing techniques for sensitive empaths.

Video Themes Include:

  • Developing Emotionally Honest, Authentic Relationships
  • Identifying Common But Oft Overlooked Spiritual Traps on the Path of the Spiritual Seeker
  • Understanding & Honoring Your Unique Nature and Qualities
  • Instruction on Accurate Identification & Safe Emotional Release of Suppressed Wounding
  • Discussion on the Topic of Heavy Emotional Burdens and Its Roots in Ancestral Inheritance
  • Assistance in Developing your Desired Work, Career and Service
  • Learning How To Heal Through Difficult Family & Romantic Relationships

Feeling-Based Private Counseling

Looking for a rare mode of counsel for highly sensitive empaths? Jenna Forrest has developed a form of sensory-based therapy that addresses the sensitive person’s unique and unspoken hurts, as well as identifying the client’s ancestral inheritances and instructing on how they can be reversed.

As a sensitive soul with a traumatic past, Jenna understands your empathic emotions. As a person of tested faith, Jenna helps you find the emotional clarity to avoid painful spiritual paths. As a clairsentient, she can help you identify and remove various unconscious blocks to finding happiness.

Your session can be recorded by you for repeated listening. Please feel welcomed to prepare some specific questions that you want answers on, or simply come to the session with no real specifics, just see where the session leads — it’s totally up to you.

If you’d like to learn more, or schedule a private counseling session via Skype, Click Here.

Supplemental Classes

If you have a special interest in coming out of any spiritual models that have proved to be isolating or burdensome to you, please visit the link below to see if Jenna’s recorded class can assist.


God and the Son as the Life That Has No Dark Side

THOUGHTS FROM JENNA... All my life I've wondered, "Why does film, television, and news media purposefully create tension inside the viewer's mind by pitting two sides against each other?" "Why do themes of injustice, themes of a cataclysmic future, themes of fear of warfare, & suffering continue to sell movie tickets?" "Why have the world's personal development authors, big churches, gurus, teachers & healers become idols?" "Why did my enlightened spiritual teacher encourage me to ignore, rise above or look down upon my true emotions of fear and pain?" "Why do populations of people spend years or decades searching for answers about God, life and happiness only end up more confused?"

This 45 minute webinar is the result of some of the answers I have come to about these questions and many more. This video was created to help you imagine a story that is not being told about what is happening in the world so that you can break out of the "divide and conquer" dynamic that only steals life from humanity. This class is of vital importance for anyone who believes in or pursues enlilghtenment, an ascension or a mass awakening of consciousness.

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Coming Out of Spiritual Polarization & Grounding Back Into The World

Misconceptions about spiritual growth can lead to unintentional unhappy results. If you carry strong spiritual beliefs that are polarizing you from loved ones… If you have been doing “all the right things” yet continue to experience stagnation and a sense of “waiting for the well-earned bounty to appear”…

If you have had years of painful outcomes only to keep believing in a better future… If you are a leader who knows you are presenting a facade of spiritual perfection, or if you are following a teacher who you sense is not in integrity or consistent in demonstrating respect, kindness, integrity, humility, transparency and self-correction, you are likely caught in one or more spiritual traps that Jenna speaks of on her video channel...

For those who feel alone and stuck in their personal spiritual journey, the video channel emergegrowprosper will help you finally move beyond the traps causing you to stagnate. For those who are in spiritual healing or helping professions, this channel will help you to help others with more integrity and wisdom.

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Soulmate Relationship Support

Have you met someone who strikes you as strangely familiar, someone you feel you have known forever, and someone whose presence in your life is challenging you to heal more of your early life wounding?

Does this relationship feel like a puzzle that you need to resolve within yourself, within your life and with God?

Does this person compel you to want to grow in integrity, transparency, humility and authenticity?

If all of these things are true, it's possible you have met a significant mirror to your soul who can show you everything you need to see in order to heal and return to wholeness within yourself and in relationship.

Ensure you are on the right track by getting clarity, not only about why soulmates exist but also what profound lessons your particular soulmate brings to you.

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