Welcome Sensitive, Empathic, Intuitive, Introverted Men, Women, Young Adults & Teens!

This website is here to help anyone who feels confused, unsatisfied, or even angry at their sensitivity and empathy. The creator of this website has worked hard to discover what’s going on with the empath and how we can regain our sense of childhood aliveness, simple happiness, humor, goofiness, playfulness, creativity, invention, and all those good things!

Firstly, why are we so sensitive? Many factors can influence why boys and girls begin life feeling very sensitive; some nature, some nurture. Traumas or abuses can happen in early life that create introversion and social anxiety. But some sensitives are just naturally more pre-disposed to sense the subtle information being communicated by people, places, animals and even objects. Being more silent and internal can be their way of coping with and recharging from the overload of subtle information received daily.

Due to the world not understanding our nature, sensitives often feel misunderstood and therefore can be influenced into ignoring, burying or minimizing our pain, which can lead to making bad choices, ultimately creating more pain.

It should be mentioned also that because sensitives sometimes want to help heal the world, we can have depleted energy levels and wish for better psychological wellbeing.

 What’s the Solution? 

It’s possible to feel strong and confident as a very sensitive, deep-thinking person who perceives subtle information more clearly than others. The path to gaining this confidence is an emotional one, and requires coming to terms with suppressed pain in a sincere way.

If we can allow our childhood hurts and primal fears about living with so much sensitivity, profound healing can occur. A childlike happiness and enthusiasm can re-emerge, along with good health and aliveness.

I believe that all sensitive boys and girls ever wanted was someone genuine to help them with existential questions & heart-centered healing. Many of us have become adults without having had this type of mentorship. I hope this website fills in that gap for you, by providing some direction and validation for your life.

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Healing & Family

Many sensitives have experienced horrors in the childhood home including drug, alcohol and love/sex addiction, mental illness, physical or psychological abuse, sexual abuse, shame or ritual, emotional incest/emotional parasitism, domestic violence, neglect of basic needs, verbal abuse and other similar themes. Almost all sensitives are touched by at least one of these in some way. There are things to learn in order to heal and reverse learned coping mechanisms based on these types of experiences. The following books can help you identify & heal common coping mechanisms and patterns of trauma resulting from a difficult childhood. Learn that it’s ok to impart a self-honoring, disciplined approach to setting boundaries with your time and energy, as well as tending to your own self-care.

The Emotional Incest Syndrome – Patricia Love

If You Had Controlling Parents – Dan Neuharth

Surviving a Borderline Parent – Kimberlee Roth

It Didn’t Start With You – Mark Wolynn

I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression – Terrence Real
The Divided Mind – John Sarno


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Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel linked here to view Jenna’s latest videos. These videos provide insights on subjects that most sensitive empaths think about, but have no one to speak with who understands.

Video Themes Include:

  • Developing Emotionally Honest, Authentic Relationships
  • Identifying Common But Oft Overlooked Spiritual Traps on the Path of the Spiritual Seeker
  • Understanding & Honoring Your Unique Nature and Qualities
  • Instruction on Accurate Identification & Safe Emotional Release of Suppressed Wounding
  • Discussion on the Topic of Heavy Emotional Burdens and Its Roots in Ancestral Inheritance
  • Assistance in Developing your Desired Work, Career and Service
  • Learning How To Heal Through Difficult Family & Romantic Relationships

Feeling-Based Private Counseling

Looking for a rare mode of counsel for highly sensitive empaths? Jenna Forrest has developed a form of sensory-based therapy that addresses the sensitive person’s unique and unspoken hurts, as well as identifying the client’s ancestral inheritances and instructing on how they can be reversed.

As a sensitive soul with a traumatic past, Jenna understands your empathic emotions. As a person of tested faith, Jenna helps you find the emotional clarity to avoid painful spiritual paths. As a clairsentient, she can help you identify and remove various unconscious blocks to finding happiness.

Your session can be recorded by you for repeated listening. Please feel welcomed to prepare some specific questions that you want answers on, or simply come to the session with no real specifics, just see where the session leads — it’s totally up to you.

If you’d like to learn more, or schedule a private counseling session via Skype, Click Here.

Supplemental Classes

If you have a special interest in coming out of any spiritual models that have proved to be isolating or burdensome to you, please visit the link below to see if Jenna’s recorded class can assist.



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