Welcome Sensitives and Empaths!

Were you born with senses beyond what current medical instruments can measure? As a child did you have strong physical and emotional responses to things others felt were normal? Do you have a history of intuitive visions, direct understanding of the Universal perspective, easy communication with Divine Guidance, knowledge of the future, a longing for Love & Justice for humanity or a knack for identifying illness and determining best healing methods for others?

If this is you, it is vital that you overcome all pressure to assimilate into cultural norms. Your sensory nature is a beautiful thing. It is never too late to re-awaken your abilities, to re-awaken the seed of aliveness within you! Dare to be unique.

There are resources available to you here. May they bring you to heal, to return to your true nature, and to step into a new confidence as a Guardian of Earth, Life & Love; a Visionary; a Path-Paver; a Bridge-Builder to the Lost Wisdom; and a Master of the Sacred Intelligence of Human Design.  

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Play the audio below to hear Jenna help you identify & heal common coping mechanisms resulting from a difficult childhood. Plus how to meet your soul family. (30 mins.)

Powerful Healing for Your Love Relationships

True Love challenges you to grow in Temperance, Compassion, Humility, Transparency and Sexual Soulfulness. Are you ready to be a master of Love? Are you determined to find harmony once and for all? Visit the virtual classroom to find downloadable instruction in Love for soulmates.



Recorded Meditations to Remove Subliminal Anti-Love Coding & Implants

These restorative transmissions are the most popular of all the resources offered on this website. Click the image below to listen to audio samples of these guided 12th-dimensional transmissions.



Downloadable Classes – An Affordable Alternative to Private Counseling

Looking for counseling for your empathic nature? Please consider the downloadable classes for sensitives linked in the menu above. These classes have been created by Jenna Forrest as a form of “downloadable counseling” to assist as many sensitives as possible during this important time of transition on the Earth.

This form of guidance and advocacy covers much more information than would be possible to get from individual counseling. — These in-depth downloadable audio classes validate your experiences and feelings in a way that isn’t offered anywhere else today. Each class includes healing meditations designed to inform, heal & empower sensitive empaths far beyond what would be possible through a private session.

To learn more about this counseling alternative, visit the “Classes for Sensitives” menu above.


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Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel linked below to view Jenna’s latest educational videos designed to answer the questions commonly asked about sensitives and soulmates. These videos also offer sample healing transmissions & tips on the most powerful and permanent soul healing and purification techniques.

 Topics include:

  • Reversing anxiety, depression & dissociation
  • Techniques for clearing negative energy
  • Support for understanding your potential
  • Assistance in developing your innate abilities
  • Navigating family and romantic relationships



A Master Class for Sensitives & Soulmates

The class was created to answer the multitude of questions being asked by highly sensitive people, empaths, and soulmate couples, including those who are in positions of leadership as teachers, healers, guides and counselors.

This class helps you uncover the ways in which you may be unknowingly blocking Love and Life Force from coming into your life so that these blind spots can be cleared.

Choose this class if you want to heal any physical ailments, pains, phantom illness or diagnoses permanently.

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The Power of Emotional Mastery

If you are looking for help with accessing the brighter side of your sensory intelligence or your empathy, coming into the depths of study on the unique power of Divine Truth, Universal Law, and Emotional Honesty can irreversably change your life forever.

For those who are in healing or helping professions, this class will help you to help others with more integrity and clarity founded in understanding of various ways of resolving concerns about things like cancer, depression, and dissociation.

Choose this class if you are hungry for information about how to own and reclaim who you are and why you are here.

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Twin Flame & Soulmate Relationship Support

Have you met someone who strikes you as strangely familiar, someone you feel you have known forever, and someone whose presence in your life is challenging you to grow spiritually?

Do you feel a sense of purpose with this person, like there is something that you two are here to accomplish or create together?

Propel yourself forward in Love by learning about the design of the twin flame relationship and the stages of growth you willl encounter, from Recognition to Testing to Ego Survival, from the Runner to Surrender to Radiance...and finally Harmonizing.

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